About Pivot Point Appliance

Pivot Point is a non-profit employment support program.  Our goal is to provide hope stove-circle
and help for those who have come upon barriers to long term, meaningful employment. Whether their barriers are related substance use disorders, unfinished educations, or even legal issues, we work to help them overcome these barriers and make themselves more attractive to area employers.

Participants in Pivot Point learn skills that employers value while proving themselves to Pivot Point.  Our graduates are confident, competent, and reliable workers.  We advocate for our graduates with area employers and hope to earn a reputation for graduating only the best, most job-ready employees available.

To fund Pivot Point, we operate a used appliance store where we turn donated appliances into reconditioned, warrantied machines that will provide years of low cost service for customers. Reconditioning appliances provides work, training and income for our program participants, while helping us to serve many in our community that may not be able to afford new appliances.  Many appliances are put back to use rather than sent to the landfill.