How It Works

Pivot Point is a two part program which includes both classroom teacher-circle
study and on-the-job training in our shop – Pivot Point Appliance Works. We provide a safe working and training environment where participants can learn valuable skills desired by employers. Classroom training is currently supported and delivered by Pivot Point partners. Among them are 4Word’s Jobs for Life Program or Ten16 Recovery Network’s employment support program.

To be eligible to work in the shop, one must be enrolled or have graduated either classroom program, be at least 18 years of age, and a local area resident. The remaining and most important requirement is that participants must have reached the point where they have decided to change direction in their lives – the pivot point,  and are willing to do what it takes.

How to Apply:
Pick up an application at either one of the following locations:

  • Pivot-Point Appliance Works – 308 E. Lyon Road, Midland (In the Midland Tire Complex)
  • 4Word offices in the Ashman Plaza across from Dan Dan the Mattress Man
  • Ten16 Recovery Network – 220 W Main Street, Midland
  • Messiah – 1550 Poseyville Road, Midland
  • Journeys Coffee House, Main & McDonald Street, Downtown Midland

Then, fill it out completely and return it to any of the locations above. We will review it at call you within a few days for an interview and get you on your way with Pivot Point.  There are no fees or costs associated with the program, however participants are required to work and train at the appliance shop for 5 hours per week unpaid.  Hours worked after the first 5 and are paid and regular work hours.